Handcrafted Goat Milk Skincare

Goat Milk Hand & Body Lotion
Goat Milk Sugar Scrub
Goat Milk Bar Soap
Goat Milk Tub Tea

Natural skincare starts with natural ingredients.

Luxuriate in the frothy goodness and soak up the milky richness, without any of the big box scariness. You're welcome.



farm-fresh goat milk

packed with vitamins and minerals for healthy skin plus the right pH to keep your beautiful glow shining



all-natural oils

healthy plant-based oils and natural animal fats for radiant supple skin that you can feel and feel good about



NO parabens or phthalates

milk needs a preservative to keep it fresh -- we found one that's safe and effective!

Beautifully gentle and naturally good.


Seriously the best products ever! I use the exfoliant in the shower every morning on my feet and it has really helped with cracked heels and dry skin.


Love this! Not greasy, smells great.


I actually look forward to washing my hands now!

The Bibby Family
One Blessed Acre Farm

From our family to yours!

We run our family business together on the outskirts of the historic village of Ferndale, California, where the Pacific Ocean mist lays heavily on the lush fields of fresh green grass and the redwood trees still grow tall and strong in the clean coastal air. Our handcrafted goat milk skincare products are made using natural ingredients with our family and yours in mind. We personally use our own products every day, in the kitchen, bath, and home.

Get to know us

You can find our lotions, soaps, tub teas, and other goat milk bath and beauty products at our Etsy shop or in stores across the Northwest. We hope you will come to love them just as much as we do!

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