I’ve been down this road before. . . Every year we get closer to Christmas, and I say to myself, “Self, the holiday schedule is NOT going to be overwhelming this year. It’s not going to rule you. I WILL take some time to enjoy the season.” Have you ever felt that way? But alas, my best laid plans always seem to fall short. Take today for example. . . our goat babies, Maui and Moana are 6 weeks old, so I decided last night that Monday morning would be a great day to start milking again and weaning them. Our momma goat, Mocha was given 5 months break from milking while she was pregnant, AKA – no milk for the Goat Princess (which by the way is my new nickname). So, now is the time to replenish my freezer milk supply. You just can’t have great goat milk soap without fresh goat milk!

Did you know that goat milk is known for it’s ability to moisturize dry, cracking skin?  It is also a really great dead skin remover! Many of our customers have told me that they love the thick, creamy texture of our goat milk lotion because it works so well at relieving dry skin. . .

Uh oh! I’m notorious for getting side tracked. . . ever see the movie “Up” where the guy yells, “Squirrel” and the dog gets totally distracted and runs off in another direction. Yup, that is me. So back to the story.

I’ve got my pail, my soapy water, my iodine and my milking boots on ready to face that extra full, baby- nursing deprived udder that I knew was going to be rock hard full of milk. Sure shootin. . it was. Ten minutes into my struggle to get the milk to flow, little man George is yelling at me, to which I can vaguely hear what he is saying over the loud mehh – mehh – mehhhing coming from the kid pen – it sounded just like an actual child was being tortured or worse yet killed. Next thing I know, I have two goats plowing their way into the shed. Apparently, they overpowered George and pushed him out of the way while another one had him pinned in the corner head butting him with his horns.

I lean over and tell Mocha I will be back to attend to her screaming children and throbbing udder in a moment, while I wrangle up some rather obstinate and stinky goats (the General Manager – my hubby – is sure to tell anyone who visits our farm just how stinky bucks can be). About 20 minutes more into our milking session, I throw my hands up in frustration, let the babies out and put them in their pen outside.

“Whose brilliant idea was that? Why didn’t you just put us out here in the first place,” they all said to me. Then they turned away and proceeded to partake in what nature knows how to do best and that’s feed babies. With my head hung low in defeat, I walk into the house, weigh out the milk, strain it and call it a morning.

Did you ever think that this much work goes into making a bar of soap or a bottle of lotion? So, when life hands you lemons, go milk a goat I say! Now, every time you look at a bar of our soap or a bottle of our lotion, you’ll remember this crazy day of milking. You’ll remember that even during times of craziness, you can chose to enjoy life, turning lemons into lemonade!
Goat Princess

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