Mother’s Day Market

I just can’t contain myself any longer. I just have to share the fun we had at our first craft fair this year. It was called the Mother’s Day Market and it was held in Fortuna at the Rohner Grange.

But first I feel I need to back up because I’m not sure I’ve shared this new hobby/business with all of our readers. Moving back closer to family seven years ago has enabled our children to be raised in the country with fresh air, animals and has provided them a slower paced lifestyle. “One Blessed Acre” comes from our abundant family blessings by God throughout the years. As well as, we are currently living on exactly one acre of land. We took the plunge a couple of years ago and added goats to our farm with the intent of drinking the milk, wanting to be more self-sufficient with our homesteading lifestyle. Out of that milking came lots of excess milk for soaps and lotions. Once I began looking at the labels on beauty products I quickly realized the need to have more natural products for my family to use. Through trial and error, gleaning information from those who had experience in soap making and reading countless websites, I found a passion for making soap and natural beauty products from ingredients that I could actually pronounce. The goal of our business is to serve and give back to our community as a family, providing wholesome goat milk products that will bless local families and businesses that partner with us to promote and sell our products.

One of the best questions I always receive is “Why Goat Milk.” So here’s the answer to Goat Milk; why you should drink it, make kefir, yogurt, and cheese and add it to handmade soap. . Why? Because goat milk is very good and never ba-ha-ha-ha-had. Goat’s milk has a pH level that’s well balanced for healthy human hair and skin, while commercial soap can dry out the skin to the point at which it feels taut and itchy. The alpha hydroxy acid of goat’s milk attack the “glue” that binds dead skin cells together. With these bonds broken those dry, lifeless cells slough off to reveal that young, healthy skin that is hidden beneath. Goat milk is loaded with vitamins and minerals which rejuvenate and nourish your skin.

Now that you’ve been taught why you should use goat milk, let me convince you why you should support One Blessed Acre Farm and buy our handcrafted soap. You will absolutely love your skin and will thank us for replacing your dry, itchy, irritable skin with soft, smooth and supple skin that doesn’t feel dry or cracking.

Our most popular line is our goat milk lotion. We have such a variety of scents that I couldn’t name them all. I use fragrance oils and also have created an essential oil scent in geranium. We also carry a unscented soap and lotion for those who are severely bothered by fragrance.

This year the kids and I have been busy creating new products which include a form of goat milk, whether it be fresh or dried. First, is my new liquid soap line. It is so soft and gentle on your skin and it cleans excellently while leaving your skin feeling supple. I’ve even tested it on greasy pans in the kitchen and it works there too! I’m also hearing great reviews about our luxury exfoliating line of soap. Four different scents with four different exfoliates: Coconut Island with loofah, Coffee House with ground coffee, Oatmeal Cookie with colloidal oatmeal and Herb Garden with ground walnut shells, pumice and poppy seeds.

Hannah has created the richest, most decadent goat milk fudge. People were raving about her samples. For the time being this will be a local craft fair item.

The day began beautifully, with the sun peaking through the clouds and the wind was just beginning to blow, while we were in line at Starbucks getting everyone a Frappuccino. Set up went smoothly for us. Our table was sandwiched right in the middle of the room. This worked out perfectly for us to be able to sample our lotions on passers-by. The kids are always a little shy when we first get started, but by the end of the show they are pros at squirting lotion and talking about the products. Even George made sure to let everyone know about his Tub Teas. Lindsay spent many months perfecting her bath bombs. They smell heavenly. She made Lavender Lush, Electric Lemonade and Cinnamon Stick. So delicious!

One of my favorite places to shop is Amazon and we, One Blessed Acre is now available through Amazon. Isn’t that great?? All you have to do is click the link and order. You can also find us on Etsy at One Blessed Acre.

I love that we are local too. All of our soaps and lotions can be found in the Golden Gait Mercantile in downtown Ferndale, California.

The day went by too quickly and soon it was time for us to pack up and head home. We are really looking forward to our next fair in June called Humboldt Junkies Vintage Market and Trailer Rally.

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