Little Elves Hard At Work

Around the holidays the overwhelming scheduling conflicts of dance recitals, gymnastic schedules, karate tournaments and Christmas orders piling up cause utter chaos and anxiety in our already busy schedule.  It really makes me want to throw in the towel and crawl back into bed, covers over the head, curled up into a fetal position.  What’s a girl to do at a time like this. . .Call out the heavy guns. . . my little magical elves.  And how do I entice them to help out??  Well MONEY – of course!

It’s amazing what happens when you dangle the sweet, intoxicating smell of money in front of a child’s face (especially right before the peak shopping season) how quickly they are willing to do ALMOST anything.  Now, before you start judging my parenting skills, understand that I am trying to teach some entreprenuerial skills here folks.  At the beginning of the year I asked each child what type of goat milk product they wanted to create.  Each child took off (did I say enthusiatically?? – well not at first!) to research and decide on their product.

That right there is valuable skills, right up there with the likes of bow-hunting skills, knife hunting skills and computer hacking skills!  Napolean Dynamite anyone?  I did it again. . . .back to the story . .

So, over the last couple of months, in the One Blessed Acre workshop, our little elves have been hard at work perfecting their skills, AKA working their butts off making these products.

So, I thought I would share with you a little about the creativity that goes into the behind the scenes production phase of some of our products.

Our TubTea was created by 0ur little guy, George, who wanted something he could use while taking the many baths that a dirtied, eight year old boy needs (might I add stinky feet to the list of dirtiness?)  My only requirement was that every product needed to have goat milk as an essential ingredient.  He started with goat milk powder, added calendula petals and lavender buds (we always have an overabundance of calendula and lavender in our garden every summer because they are momma’s favorite flowers), Epsom salt and little soothing colloidal oatmeal and topped it off with lavender essential oil. Wow! Your senses will be on lavender overload, especially since he’s usually a little heavy handed with the essential oil!

My spunky, ten year old, Abby is the mastermind behind the lip balm.  She was very adamant that she was going to make lip balm.  This one was tricky  – how to add the goat milk into the lip balm.    She was a real trooper, trying at least three different recipes with different oils and additives – my head is still spinning from that day of experimenting!   She kindly (might I say overbearingly) asked – AKA forced – her sisters and other family members to try each recipe. Finally, she settled on infused honey and a little powdered goat milk into her recipe and created an amazing lip balm.

And Christmas stockings would not be complete without adding one of our luxurious goat milk bath fizzy bombs. Lindsay, our resident bath bomb expert, took an average bath bomb and fizzed it up!  This girl was persistent.  If you have ever tried to make bath bombs, they are sure to bring out the worst in you!  They begin to fizz if the wrong amount of liquid is added to the recipe and they don’t set up if too little liquid is used.  It’s enough to make someone pull their hair out!  Luckily, she isn’t bald after all of the trial and error.  Her secret ingredient – it’s not so secret – is powdered goat milk once again. Sarah, one of our wholesale merchants, said she tried one of the bath bombs in her bath and told Lindsay it was “AMAZING!”  And another customer told us how smooth her skin was after using the bath fizzy.

Hopefully, I put a smile on your face and a little chuckle in your step today as you think about how my children, I mean “little elves” help out the family business.

Goats, Love and Great Soap,

Goat Princess

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