Goat’s Drama

Sometimes life on a farm isn’t all glamor and glitz.  Goat drama can occur just as easily as human drama and it can be as emotionally stressful.  I am no expert on goats and am still learning on a daily basis.  You just never know when you turn that corner of learning and something new is thrown into your hat.

Last week our little Nigerian buck, Doug, broke off his horn. Night fell, the normal routine followed.  All animals are taken care of and then the kids brought in our dog, Kevin, who was out in the field with our buck, Doug. Hannah exclaimed that Kevin was covered in blood but it wasn’t coming from him.

So, George and I rushed back out to the goat shed to check out the goats. Down the row George and I walked. Luna check, Mocha check, and then George said, “Mom look at Doug’s head.” There was blood everywhere, all over his head and dripping down his cheek.  If I hadn’t known better, it was an image straight out of a horror movie, one which I didn’t want to watch.

Our shed does not typically have power running to it, unless I run an extension cord out there.  It just so happened that the power cord was still hooked up so I did have a little light to assess the bleeding.  I did the best I could to clean him up and put pressure on the bleeding to stop it. I sprayed his head with antiseptic spray and left the rest in God’s hand to stop the bleeding by morning.

Once inside the house, I consulted Webveterinarian and it was not comforting.  While he probably just broke off his spur that had grown in since he was a kid, the article said he actually could have fractured his skull.  To which he needed immediate vet care.  I said another prayer, and again left my animal’s health in the hands of the Lord.

The next morning Doug was still a little bloody, so we kept him inside in his stall for a couple of days.  He got a round of antibiotics and a tetanus shot and by day three he was back to normal head butting his BFF, Kevin our Great Pyrenees dog.

Crisis averted.  A win for this ever learning goat enthusiast.

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