Anyone For A Warm Soak In The Tub?

Can I hear a loud, resounding scream, “I’m ready for SPRING!” 

We have been drowning in rain here in the Pacific Northwest.  I fully understand after living here for over half of my life that we are due a rainy season, but this is ridiculous.  It’s the middle of April and we had temps in the 40’s today with hail.   I am so ready to dig in the dirt, get my gardening gloves out of storage, brush the dust off of my tools and plant some seeds.  Who’s with me?

I believe we are destined for a few more weeks of rain before our ground dries out and we can plant anything resembling vegetables or flowers.  So, while we are stuck inside, let me tell you about a great way to relax, enjoy a hot bath and soak away your winter doldrums!

Our bath bombs are made by Lindsay.  I told you previously how she spent months perfecting her recipe, adding in powdered goat milk to give your skin moisturizing benefits.  The One Blessed Acre Kids Edition Youtube channel best explains how fun and exciting our bath bombs are for all ages!

I can’t think of a better way to get dirty kids into the bath, than to give them a bath bomb fizzy and watch them be amazed!

If you happen to be a little “fizzy apprehensive,” you can always try a Tub Tea. . Our Sleepy Time Lavender is sure to win you over.    George is the designer and maker of our Tub Tea.  He uses the lavender buds from our very own garden – the one which momma usually spends the summer watering!  He also puts in epsom salt, powdered goat milk, colloidal oatmeal (What is this you might ask?  Collloidal Oatmeal helps protect skin by retaining moisture, and soothes dry skin. It also relieves skin irritations, and can even help with some forms of eczema).  If you ask George, his favorite part of putting the tub tea together is over dropping the DoTerra Lavender Essential Oil he puts in every batch.  (STOP George STOP – the recipe calls for 20 drops of Lavender EO NOT 40!)

Lavender EO is by far my favorite essential oil.  Did you know that the Latin name of lavender is Lavare, which means “to wash.”  Isn’t that just perfect for this product that is washing and relaxing at the same time?

So, for those of you struggling with how to relax away those final winter blues, try one of our bath bomb fizzies or tub tea.  You won’t be disappointed!

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