Summer is not for the weary. . . just keep on doing . . . it’s a crazy busy life

The alarm goes off each morning at 5:30, while I pretend to not hear it ringing in my ear.  I roll over and snuggle down into my warm comfy bed, to catch a few moments of quiet bliss with the General Manager before the day begins.  Up to shower, stepping over the pile of dirty underwear and clothes lying on the bathroom floor from said kid’s previous night shower.  I just keep on keeping on. .

Out to morning chores, the warm milk hits the pail and the rhythmic movement of milking lulls me into a trance – before I know it the bucket is half full.  The squawking chickens alert me that I’m too slow this morning;  oh how they hunger and clamor for food in the morning.  Every day is the same continual line of chickens rushing out of the coop to beat the other ladies to the food.  Inside to strain the milk and wash the dirty eggs before putting them out to sell in our farmstand.  I just keep on keeping on. . .

The garden, magnificent and so pristine 8 weeks ago, now is an untamed, wild brood of vicious weeds just laughing at me who can’t keep up with killing them.  The gophers have set residence in our garden this year also.  Several rows of beans and peas have met demise through their intense eating schedule.  I’m here to try juicy fruit gum and gummy bears next, as horrid as that sounds.  I just keep on keeping on. . .

Back inside, paint strewn everywhere on the dinning room table.  They are painting rocks for our yard and garden.  I smile, overlooking the mess and think of how I will remember the memory of them painting more than the memory of the mess.  At least they are all older now so that they CAN clean up the mess without my help.  But will I help . .  of course I will.  I just keep on keeping on. .

Time to make two batches of goat milk lotion and a batch of goat milk soap.  The orders keep coming in and the Lord continues to bless our growing business.  I can be calm now, but you might not see that calmness once September and October rolls around.  We are in ten shops now plus our online website.    Thank heavens I have written everything down this year  . . . . My favorite new scent has quickly stolen my heart – Lemon Zest.  It’s the cleanest, freshest scent. .  Lemon Verbena with a WOW! factor of added Lemon and Lemongrass essential oil.   I just keep on keeping on. .

Hurry to get dinner, chicken pot pie, on the table.  I listen to the voices around the table and realize I love this life of mine.  I shouldn’t grab another glass of wine, but it’s a gift from a friend who works at a winery in Oregon.  How can I refuse when it’s a gift?  Dinner dishes, clanging in the sink and water sloshing all over the floors and cabinets usually bother me, but not tonight.  I just keep on keeping on. .

10:30 rolls around too fast.  My weary body falls into bed, grabs my bible for my evening devotions  before diving under the sheets.  All is quiet in the house for a brief moment in time, when tomorrow again will unfold.  I can’t imagine a better life!  I just keep on keeping on. .  .

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  1. kathy olkowski
    kathy olkowski says:

    Anything lemon – that’s what I love. Your photos are beautiful and you have such busy, full days. How do you do it all? But, at the end of each full day – you still love your life and that’s all that matters. lovely, simply lovely…..


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